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Injection moulding machine works on principle similiar to how we make ice cube in our fridger , the liquid water is poured in required moulds and then it is been cooled down to freeze

Similarly In Injection moulding machine , Liquid polymer is been pured through a injection like mechanism into moulds that later on cools and gives us required finl products

Based on location of Injection as compared to mould , INjection moulding machine are been classified into 2 types

  1. Horizontal Injection moulding machine
  2. Vertical Injection Moulding machine

The major difference are as below

Movement of Moulds in injection moulding machines

This is major difference as how the Clamps in Injection Moulding Machines moves , IN vertical injection moulding machine the clamps and moulds moves up and down to open and close moulds , the injection , mould and clamps are been placed in the same vertical plan , whereas in Horizontal Injection Moulding machine , the clamps moves side by side to open and close the moulds , here the injection , clamps and moulds are in same Horizontal Place as compared vertical plane

Vertical injection molding equipment is designed with open clamps and rotary tables. This allows for work with multiple molds and simultaneous operations — pre-molding, injection molding and post-molding. As a result, there is less of a need for manual operation and intervention, as well as higher efficiency, increased productivity and reduced costs.

Ejection of final piece out of injection moulding machine

In vertical Injection moulding machine the final piece that is been molded doesn’t fall out automatically and need to be pulled out either manually or through a robotic arm . which means extra efforts need to be input to manage the ejection of final piece , whereas in Horizontal Injection moulding machine , since the molds moves side by side therefore final molded piece comes out of mold easily through gravity and doesnot need robitic arm or manual efforts

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