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FAQ – Injection Moulding machines

FAQ About Injection moulding machine
FAQ About Injection moulding machine

/ We knew that you might be having question about the Injection moulding machine and need to sort out these question before you make a purchase .

We are always open for question and inquiries , although we have listed a few below. Still if you dont find the answer , we are here to welcome all your queries related to sales , service , installation of Injection moulding machines

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We are here to answer Question about Injection moulding machines

  1. What is Plastic Injection Moulding machine

    Injection moulding (U.S. spelling: injection molding) is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting molten material into a mould, or mold

  2. How a Injection Moulding machine works

    The molten material , Generally Plastic , Liquid metal etc. is been poured into a pre defined cast and then let it cool down , In case of plastic injection moulding machine , plastic is pushed into a cast or frame commenly called as Mold , which sets apart plastic in a pre defined shaped , After cooling it ejects in shape of mould

  3. What are the types of Injection Moulding machine

    Injection molding machine are been classified on basis of driving force like Hydraulic , Mechanical , Electrical and hybrid.

  4. How Much does a Injection Moulding machine cost

    Injection Moulding machine cost from 4 Lakh to 4.5 CR , depending on capacity in tons , from 55 tons to 4000 tons , mode of operation like digital or manual etc

  5. What are the best injection moulding machines

    The best Injection moulding machine is one that suits your business requirements , working area, usage , mode of operation and Polymer to be used

  6. How many types of Moulding mchines are there 

    Mainly there are three type of Injection Moulding machine available based on the driving force that hold clamps
    they are
    1. Hydraulic Injection Moulding machine
    2. Electric Injection molding machine
    3. Hybrid injection molding machine

  7. What are 2 types of injection moulding machine based on orientation

    Based of orientation there are 2 types of Injection Molding machine
    1. Horizontal injection moulding machine
    2. Vertical Injection moulding machine

  8. What are the 3 main Parts of Inejction mold

    The composition of the injection molding machine:
    1.Injection parts
    2.Mold clamping parts
    4.Hydraulic system
    5.Heating system
    6.Control system
    7.Feeding device

  9. What are the 5 steps of Injection Moulding 

    5 Major steps included in Injection moulding are
    1.Making a mold
    2.Install the mold
    3. Inject the polymer / Plastic in liquid state
    4. Cooling process
    5. Ejection of final products

  10. What material is used in Injection  mooulsing machine 

    Various kind of Thermoplastic are been used in Injection moulding machines Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) are most commonly used

  11. Why is Injection moulding Used ?

    Injection Moulding is used to cast liquid/molten thermoplastic into particular shape /size required , Final product may be as small as toy car , or as big as real car parts

  12. What is the principle of Injection Moulding machine

    The principle is simple as we make ice cubes in our refrigerator .
    1. Melt the thermoplastic above melting point.
    2. Cast it in required shape by using a mold
    3. Then cool it to get the finished products

  13. How does injection moulding works

  14. How is Injection Moulding Done 

  15. How mUch does a inejction moulding machie cost

  16. What are 4 stages of Injection Moulding 

  17. Is 3D printing cheaper than molding?